Kim’s Kids China Town Excursion

26th Jul 2014

Chatham Square Restaurant reserves their entire upstairs just for our camp.  The courses of dumplings, lo mein, spring rolls, shrimp fried rice, General Tsos Chicken, beef and broccoli served family style were quickly consumed by this hungry lot.  Separate tables were laid out for the vegetarians in our group who receive plates of tofu and other delectable vegetarian dishes.  Of course all meals are prepared free of nuts.

We follow this satisfying meal with a walk through Chinatown, observing the multitude of stores and the diversity of products, occasionally stopping to sample some of the unusual Chinese desserts.  Finally we headed for the local playground to run around and cool off in the sprinklers from where we were picked up by our buses and brought back to our campsite at PS 321 in Park Slope.

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