Highlights of the Summer of 2014

17th Dec 2014
About to go on the bridge!

Our Own Private Pool: Kim’s Kids rents a spring fed, private pool in New Jersey that has become an extraordinary place for us. On the days we attend, it is exclusively ours. We share it with no other camps or children. It has a sandy beach and the community leaves their sand toys, beach balls, shovels, slides, all for our children to play with. Our more advanced swimmers enjoy the diving board and twisting slide that drops them into deep icy water. There is also a basketball court for water basketball and rafts to paddle around the pool. Its facilities and equipment make this one of the more remarkable swimming adventures our children get to experience and they love it.

Brooklyn Bridge and Lunch in Chinatown: The day we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge was one of this past summer’s truly top ten days. The air was crispy cool and the view spectacular. The children were fascinated by the counselor’s descriptions of how this enormous edifice was built, along with the difficulties faced by workers and engineers alike. One counselor brought twine to simulate the physics of the interdependencies of cables, towers and anchorages, the physics that keep this bridge standing majestically for over 100 years. After our walk across the bridge we headed for Chinatown for a well deserved tasty lunch at a local Chinese restaurant. Our meal is followed by a walk through Chinatown, exploring the unusual sights and shops. The day was topped off by a Chinese dessert or ice cream and a romp at the local playground. What a wonderful way to spend a day.


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