Brooklyn Bridge / Chinatown

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A Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge followed by lunch in Chinatown:  

We begin our walk on the Brooklyn side of the bridge while counselors point out the bridge’s distinctive features along with the magnificent views of New York.  As we continue along, the children are treated to explanations of how this suspension bridge was constructed as well as problems faced in building this edifice in the late 1800’s. We follow this walk with lunch in Chinatown at one of their many authentic Chinese restaurants.  The meal is predetermined and served family style. And, after spending our summer sitting on grass and rocks, eating our meals out of lunch boxes, there is something special about being in an air conditioned restaurant, sitting on chairs, at a table while served delicious food by a waiter.  The children as well as the staff relish this unique experience.  And parents get to enjoy a morning of not having to prepare lunch for their children.