Campsite: PS321, 180 7th Ave between 1st & 2nd St.
Drop off- 9:00 AM. Meet in front of PS 321 for morning announcements.

  • Please wait outside until the doors are opened.
  • There is no supervision for your child prior to 9AM, unless you are signed up for Early Bird.
    Children unattended will be placed in Early Bird and you will be billed accordingly.

Rooms: Enter the main entrance of PS 321 and turn left.

  • Blue & Red: Room 116.
  • Purple and Black: Room 118.
  • Green and Gold: Room 120.

Your child’s group color will match the color of the backpacks in the room.

Lunch: Place your child’s lunch in the camp’s backpacks. Do not leave them in your child’s backpack.

  • Lunches should be small enough to fit into the camp backpacks & sealed in a plastic bag.
          No large lunch boxes, please.
  • We recycle: Any lunch containers and bags you want returned should be clearly labeled with your child’s name and collected at pick up.
  • An insulated & recyclable Kim’s Kids lunch bag, conforming to our requirements, is available for $6.

Pick Up: 3PM in the room your child was dropped off in (See above, Rooms). Do not pick up outside the school.

  • If you are late, your child is placed in late bird and you are billed accordingly.

Early Bird: 8AM-9AM: Meet the counselor in the school yard in front of the PS 321. If it’s raining, meet in room 114.

  • No Early Bird July 5th, the first day of camp.

Late Bird: Pick up is either in the backyard playground on 2nd St or in room 114.

  • Your child must be signed out with the late bird counselor and pickup time recorded.
  • Camp closes at 6 PM promptly. After 6 your child is brought to the home of Dan & Sandy, 378 Third St, between 5″ & 6″Ave. The charge after 6PM is $10 for every 15 minutes.
  • No Late Bird on August 12th, the last day of camp.

When using early bird or late bird as a last minute drop off, inform your child and your child’s counselor.

  • You can choose to be billed or pay at pickup.

There are no make up days: If your child attends on a day they are not scheduled, you are billed the extra day fee of $92.

  • To review what days and weeks your child attends camp, login into your account on the website.

Name Tags: Your child’s name should be clearly marked on their lunch, carrying bag & recycled containers.

Swim listed on the schedule: Children should wear a swimsuit & bring a towel in their backpack.

  • Changing clothes: We don’t always have time to change after swim.

Swim NOT on the schedule: Send a bathing suit and towel in your child’s backpack.

  • It’s summer. Weather and other factors may cause us to change to a swim. Always be prepared.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is recommended every day, especially on swim days. We sunscreen only on swim days.

Hiking & Ticks: You child should be checked for ticks after every trip where we hiked. The best defense for preventing the effects of Lyme disease is catching it early.

Ice Skating: The rink is cold but it is hot outside. Pack long pants, socks & a sweatshirt in your child’s backpack.

Bathroom: The last thing your child should do before leaving home is use the bathroom.

Toys/Games/Cards: Are permitted on the buses. Once we reach our destination they are left on the buses.

Money: Send money with your child only on the days permitted (See schedule). Limit $5.

Children’s Cell Phones: We are not responsible if they are lost and they often are.

Reaching the camp during the day. Call the office number, 718–768-6419. If you need to reach the camp while it is traveling, text the cell number, 718–208-5075. Texting is preferred because we are not always in a service area and are often busy with the children and not immediately connected to the phone; e.g. when we are swimming.

This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by the New York City Department of Education or the City of New York.